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Storm Damage Testimonials

“appreciation for complete professionalism,

Satisfaction complete, will recommend.”

“I thought everything went perfect. Great Job"

Very Happy !!!

Last Monday my Business was in a flood. 16" standing water around my whole building. We did our best to keep the water out. However, some water leaked in around our doors. Muddy water came in and got all over our carpets. I called serv pro around 11pm and asked if they could come in tomorrow to clean up from the water damage. They said they could. The next day they had a team come in and start cleaning the mud of the carpets and then the drying process. Thank you Mike, Vanessa and your team! You guys did an amazing job. Your staff was hard working and very professional.

Your technicians were really good guys explained to me and were very honest. I don't like thief guys, I was referred by two different big companies and  "family adjuster" that works for State Farm. 
The price......... was reasonable and those technicians did not fart around they should be rewarded. 

All I can say that SERVPRO has excellent technicians and good customer service. 

Once upon a time,  I was a big business woman in Bay Area. Customer service and employees are very important in your business!

Thanks again!

Angela M

“Everyone was helpful and Wonderful to work with. I was very satisfied with the service ”

“I was very satisfied with everyone’s assistance.”