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Thank god I've never needed their services. I went to a seminar about disaster clean up. Mike the owner gave a speech. I never realized how much training and certification is required to do this type of work. Very impressed with their operation.

Wow. Just wow. I got a call from my alarm company that something was wrong at my office. Drove over there to find about an inch of water being absorbed by my thirsty carpet, a few water saturated ceiling panels, and a steady waterfall coming from a clogged drain up on the roof. Isn't rain wonderful? 
My first call for cleanup help was to Mike at SERVPRO. 20min later he was at my office helping me with the mess. 15min later, Jose showed up and together they quickly identified the issue. Jose scaled the outside wall - in the pouring rain - unclogged the drain on the roof that was causing the problem, then began the process of removing the water that formed on the floor of my office.
Even though I got to this within an hour of the loss, there was damage to my desk, bookshelf, and three chairs. Mike helped me clean the desk and bookshelf right then and there. He came back the next day and took the chairs to the shop for cleaning. 
The next day they came to the office, set up a few machines to remove the little remaining water and excess moisture from the room. They've been great about keeping me abreast of the situation the entire time.  
Nobody ever wants to go through something like this - especially an insurance guy like myself - but when you do you want it to be with Mike and SERVPRO of Antioch. And if you're still reading this, you're probably thinking, "Ya, but your results will probably not be mine." And I'll tell you that you're wrong. My results are the same as the clients I've sent Mike - fantastic. He and his team treat everyone with the same high-quality service; this is what they do for everyone that calls! So, results typical. I HIGHLY recommend using SERVPRO of Antioch. Mike and team have been great. I'm even more impressed than ever before.

Best customer service ever! Thanks Jason and Vanessa!!

Megan Saleen 

Great Service and extremely professional.

Staff were Courteous, friendly and Helpful

Thank you Mike for all you help.

I wanted to note that I appreciated you and all of your staff; all of you were very professional and helpful answering all of our questions during this procedure.