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Bio Hazard Remediation

This home experienced a sewage loss from the upstairs bathroom flooding contaminated water containing high amounts of bacteria down through the adjacent wall. I... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Damage

It is difficult enough as a small business owner to managed our day-to-day operation. When the big storm hits, the last thing we want is to walk into our busine... READ MORE

It didn't reach my cabinets

Hidden areas lead to hidden moisture which leads to bad things. Often we only think of what we can see. What about the water that gets into those areas we can... READ MORE

Left a little too long

Water is supposed to be our homes in a controlled fashion. It is not supposed to be out of control within our homes and when it does it can lead to worsening c... READ MORE

Outside Water

Sometimes when the storms come, water that gets in can come from leaking roofs, gutters, or windows. Sometimes though the water may get deep enough outside to ... READ MORE

Window / Roof Leak

Storms wreak havoc on our homes and test the limits of the home to keep the water out. Sometimes water finds its way in. Even the smallest openings, if given ... READ MORE

Pack Out

When fire occurs in your home, you are instantly uprooted. Your contents, your home, everything is covered in soot. Where do you go, what do you do? How do y... READ MORE

House Fire

A candle on Christmas day sitting on a table, caught an item on that table ablaze. In an instant the fabric covering of the table as on fire and smoke was fill... READ MORE

Extensive Kitchen Mold

This Kitchen suffered a moderate water damage that was left to dry on its own. By the time the owner contacted SERVPRO of Antioch, the mold had progressed to b... READ MORE

Warehouse Fire Bathroom

Fire is a unique animal, it destroys everything in its path, vaporizing and putting into the air everything that combusts. The smoke that is left behind, contai... READ MORE