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When it comes to Mold, What you Can't See Can Hurt You

12/8/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation When it comes to Mold, What you Can't See Can Hurt You A room of a house that doesn't get used can be a place for mold to develop when left unchecked

When you find you have mold, the saying "Out of sight , out of mind" does not hold true.  You can clean the visible mold from the surface using a variety of cleaners, even water.  However, what your doing is making only what you see go away.  Mold spores are .3 microns in size, they are microscopic.  By the time you see mold, you are looking at colonies of molds.  When you try to clean mold, what you are doing is putting everything into the air.  The mold spores that you are putting into the air are what we have allergies to. 

"What you cant see can hurt you" when you are talking about mold spores.  Not all mold is harmful, it depends on the species, the levels in the air, and your personal immune system.  But, whenever you have any kind of mold growing in your house, one thing is for sure.  It shouldn't be there!!!

When you have mold, the only way to get rid of it is to physically remove it.  In these pictures, this home developed extensive mold in a room that wasn't regularly checked.  You can see in this picture the steps we are taking to remove it.  Notice the wall on the right, this is the bathroom wall also covered in mold. 

Periodically check all your spaces in your home, especially where water lines run to look for leaks or mold.  Whenever you find something, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Antioch.  925-706-0106.  Inspections for Water Damage and Visible Indicators of Mold are Always FREE during Business Hours.